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In Development

CineMammoth's involvement in the development of your project means that you will have the support and expertise of a professional film production company. We offer guidance and creative input on aspects such as script development, casting, and filming techniques to ensure that your project reaches its full potential. With CineMammoth's help, your project will have access to the resources and experience necessary to be successful in the competitive world of film production

The Process of making a film or commercial involves several stages, including Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. During Pre-Production, the script is developed, casting is done, and locations are scouted. This is also the stage where the budget is set and the shooting schedule is created. The Production stage involves filming the scenes according to the script, with the director overseeing the process and the actors delivering their performances. Post-Production involves editing the footage, adding visual and sound effects, and creating the final cut of the film or commercial. This is also the stage where the music and sound design are added, and the film is prepared for distribution/release.

Business Plan

 Pre Production

During this stage, the script is developed, revised, and finalized. This is also when the director, producer, and other key crew members are hired. The production team works on casting actors, finding locations, designing costumes and sets, and planning the shooting schedule.


The budget is also established during pre-production, with costs associated with cast and crew salaries, equipment rental, location fees, and post-production expenses taken into account. Pre-production is crucial in laying the groundwork for the rest of the film production process, setting the stage for a successful shoot.

Post Production in Process

Post Production

During this stage, the footage captured during production is edited together to create the final cut of the film or commercial. The editor works closely with the director to assemble the footage adding visual and sound effects, music, and sound design to enhance the final product. Color correction and grading is also done during post-production to ensure consistency and enhance the overall look of the film.

Film Student


During this stage, the film is actually shot. The director works closely with the cinematographer to create the desired look and feel for the film or commercial. While the actors deliver their performances. The crew sets up and operates the camera and lighting equipment, records sound, and ensures that everything runs smoothly on set.


The shooting schedule, established during pre-production, is followed closely to ensure that all necessary scenes are captured. Production is a busy and exciting creative time, as the team works together to bring the story to life on screen.

Film Preview


During this stage, the film is released to the public for viewing. This can involve a theatrical release where the film is shown in movie theaters, or it can involve distribution through streaming services or physical media such as DVDs and Blu-rays. The distribution strategy is typically determined by the production company and the distributor taking into account factors such as the target audience, the budget, and the marketing campaign.


The success of a film's distribution can have a significant impact on its financial success and critical reception. The distribution stage marks the end of the film's journey from pre-production to post-production and represents the culmination of the hard work of the entire production team.

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