Shadow Creek - Official Poster_Final-2.png

Shadow Creek - Post Production

Horror Thriller Drama

Former Marine, Chuck, copes with PTSD by living alone in the woods. He's a work-for-hire contractor taking care of peoples' problems. After a teenage girl mysteriously disappears, her desperate parents hire Chuck to find her. When they tell him she was last seen in Shadow Creek, he realizes this might be a suicide mission.


Vindication Season 3 - Post Production

Drama TV show


Vindication is an episodic faith-based crime-drama series that follows the small-town investigative work of Detective Travis.


Reconciled - Pilot Pitch

Tv series Talk Show


Possum Kingdom - poster.jpg

Possum Kingdom - Development


After the death of their father, three estranged brothers meet for a weekend fishing trip. But if they cannot let go of the different childhood memories they each have of their father and each other, they may be pushed even further apart.

Punch Drunk.png

Punch Drunk - Development

Sport Action Drama

A former MMA Champ, turned alcoholic, inherits her nephew after her brother dies and must battle her demons to become the champion she once was.

Sheirff's Son.png

Sheriff's Son - Development

Western Action Drama

A young naive Sheriff's son must fill in the shoes of his father after he is wrongfully killed.